Options Com Server


The Options ComSrv is used to decode serial or network communications and to make the decoded information available for other programs through DDE links.



  • Running on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
  • Serial (RS232/RS485/RS422 etc), UDP or TCP/IP communication channels.
  • User defined decoders.



General Configuration page. Here the operator can define COM-port and/or Network ports to use. Several channels can be defined.
Message Format Configuration Page. This dialog lets the operator The message format to use for the individual channel. This sets up what type of message is used and the decoding parameters required for the various types
Field Decoding Configuration Page. This page is used to define the individual fields in the communication string. The DDE details are entered and the decoding information is set.
ComSrv Run Page. This page is shown when the ComSrv is running. It shows all values for the current configuration live. If test is ticked off, the ComSrv wil show and send data as defined in the configuration pages

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