Toolpool Manager

Toolpool Manager is a complete application for companies performing maintenance and rentals of tools. Users at all levels ranging from managers to workshop personnel will be given logon access. Only information they are authorized to view/edit will be available for each user.

Tool Groups

All tools are grouped into tool groups. A tool group will have a checklist and inventory list assigned to it. All tools in a tool group inherits its tool groups checklist and inventory list. This makes it easier for the users to maintain the checklists and inventory lists.


The tools are the main component of the application and contains all necessary information about the tool. E.g.:
  • Owner
  • Work Orders
  • Current location
  • Tool Movement history
  • Certificates
  • Inventory Lists
  • Box Tag
  • Attached documents (any type of file can be attached)

Tool Receival

When tools arrives at the company's workshops it can either be recorded directly in Toolpool Manager or an external application that can be integrated with Toolpool Manager.

Work Orders

For each tool maintenance the application creates a Work Order. Main information included:
  • A unique Work Order identification based on customer/project
  • Assigned personnel
  • Checklists
  • Man-hours
  • Parts replaced
The Work Order handles both lump sum and provisional sum costs on the same Work Order. The information entered on a Work Order, like man-hours and parts will later be used when invoicing the customer.

Tool Rentals

The tool managers can plan tool rentals. Even tentative rentals can be planned. To give the tool managers a better overview of the tool availability a graphical display is also provided. On a specific tool rental the tool managers can enter the following information:
  • Contact information
  • Rental period
  • Rental rate (possible to specify different rates for different time periods)
  • Equipments included in the rental
  • List of replaced parts during the rental Rentals will be invoiced on a monthly basis.

Tool Movements

The users can record mobilization and demobilization of tools. Any number of tools can be included in a single tool movement. This gives the users an excellent control over where the tools have been.


All users have their own "Inbox" where they are informed about their outstanding tasks. There's also an escalation feature forwarding tasks to another user if not completed within reasonable time. Automatic notifications will also be created. E.g. when a tool certificate is getting close to its expiration date.


A wide range of reports are available. E.g.:
  • Project totals
  • Work orders
  • Tool Movements
  • Time sheets and totals
  • Ad-Hoc reports


The application is integrated with other applications. E.g. the company's mail system making it easy to send reports (in Adobe Acrobat format) to the mail recipient(s).  

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