Videlogger VL2-HD

  • Up to 4 channel overlay – HD-SDI, 1080i format,
  • Up to 4 channel recording, H.264 format, 1080i, max 20Mbit per channel
  • 8 serial ports, 2 network ports
  • Well proven system - same VIGRA and Videologger software used by more than 250+ Videologgers in the North Sea area and worldwide (mix of SD and HD video systems)
  • Realtime live overlay output to HD-SDI monitors without any noticeable delay
  • Video preview on PC monitor during recording – NOTE: 1-2 second delay on PC preview
  • Stillpicture and videoclip snapshot during recording and during playback.
  • Dive/video event log linked directly to video. Events are typed in by operator, or easy point&click operation from predefined list.
  • Easy retrieval of video clips by double-clicking on video events. Video playback will then start off exactly at the position where event was linked to the video.
  • Flexible overlay based on VIGRA overlay system and COMServer for decoding data.
  • Optional logging of ROV/Survey data strings
  • Removable harddrives for extended storage.
  • 3U rack computer, pluss 1U box per overlay channel (2 boxes fit side by side in 19” rack)
  • Part number: VL2HD-NxM, N/M=1-4, based on number of overlay/logging channels

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