Videologger VL3

Videlogger VL3 Features:

  • 1 to 4 channel Video logging PAL / NTSC to WMV format (Windows Media Video) 
  • 1 to 4 channel internal Video overlay on recorded video 
  • Optional: 1 to 4 channel external Video overlay, for distribution to operator and/or client 
  • Serial ports and network for flexible decoding of data from ROV and survey 
  • Put dynamic data from survey/ROV anywhere on overlay. Also logo insertion 
  • Live realtime video output with overlay. (also preview on PC, but with ca 1sec compression delay) 
  • Stillpicture snapshot during recording and playback. 
  • Realtime mirror logging to client disk or e.g. Network storage. 
  • Video event log linked directly to video pictures. Video events are typed in by operator, or easy point&click operation from predefined list. 
  • Easy retrieval of video clips by double-clicking on video events. Video playback will then start off exactly at the position where event was linked to the video. 
  • Easy production of DVD movies based on selection of events, and timespan for each event. (IMPORTANT NOTE: VMW will need to be converted to MPEG2, this can be timeconsuming) 
  • Also function for Highlight-DVD based on start/stop flags set by operator during recording or playback. Burn highlight directly to DVD, or export the clips to a highlight archive project 
  • Video-DVD’s will have DVD-menu with menu-text from related events recorded in VideoLogger. 
  • Removable harddrives for extended storage.

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