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Realtime overlay of text and graphics on top of live video pictures

  • Video + graphics mixing is not linked to the VGA display, so overlay program can run in the background while the PC is used for other tasks.
  • User can define multiple overlay pages, and save / select pages using standard Windows file operations.
  • Still-picture feature with storage, reload and print operations (see sample pictures on right side of this page!)
  • Video pointer with freehand sketching.
  • Length measurment function with flexible calibration.
  • One to three video channels.
  • Individual overlay setup on each channel. Also a common layer which will appear on all channels simultaneously.

Technical Data


  • 1 to 3 video channels in a single overlay box.
  • Composite or S-Video (Y/C) video IN and UT. Internal format-conversion possible.Also HD-SDI available on certain systems.
  • Both PAL and NTSC versions (software configurable)
  • Use standard PC keyboard, mouse and VGA monitor for overlay configuration.
  • Interfacing to external data through serial ports, network TCP/IP sockets, or optional analog interface cards (ADLink, Advantech, National Instruments, other on request...)
  • Can usually be integrated in customer PC, specific requirements on request. Usually a free PCI slot will do, but hardware compatibility problems do exists. Operating system is Windows 2000/XP.


Prices And Ordering Information

Please contact our distributor,Innova AS:

Innova logo Addr: Stavanger, Norway
Tel: +47 51 96 17 00
Fax: +47 51 96 17 01
Web: http://www.innova.no

Rental Of Video Overlay Unit

We have integrated 2U rackmountable overlay units, 1-3 channels, available for rental. Please contact us for prices and availability!


Video Overlay Stillpictures

The above pictures are all by Oceaneering
If you want us to show your picture here, please send it to us
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