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  • Video Logger

    Our video loggers ara available with 1-4
    channels and in SD( NTSC/PAL) and HD

    The loggers include video overlay on
    all channels

    We have units for rental
  • Video Overlay

    Our video overlay is widely used in the
    subsea industry

    The video overlays are available in
    1-3 channels

    We have units available for rental
  • Multiviewer

    Options has a range of Multiviewers
    suited for many applications

  • Data Loggers

    Our dataloggers can be adapted to customer
    specific hardware

    The data is stored in a database structure.
    We have interfaced to several database formats
    including: SAP, Oracle, SQL server, Access and
  • CMS

    Correspondence Management System (CMS)
    is a system to manage both incoming and
    outgoing correspondence

    Options CMS features integration towards,
    MS office,Open Office, Autocad, Inventor, etc.
  • Toolpool Manager

    Toolpool Manager is a complete application
    for companies performing maintenance and
    rentals of tools

    The application is integrated with other
    applications such as email system.
  • Data Communication

    Options has a number of software tools
    for data communication.
    ComSrv - Data decoding to DDE
    ComKit - Serial comms diagnostic
    PROCO - Protocol converter